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How La Jefa was born

It all started in Gaiole, on the famous vintage bike race L'Eroica, when Agata (La Jefa) dreamt up the future in which we make bags matching classic steel bike esthetics. She started off with just two industrial machines, plenty of ideas and Maria's and Tomo's helping hands. That's how La Jefa & sons was born. From then on, we've been making artisan, stylish, classic-looking but modern equipped bike accessories and around-town bags.

For the record: "sons" were added when we discovered that simple "la Jefa" might not be associated with bag making.

Our workshop choices

Choosing the right material for our goods is vital. Here is what we chose and why:
- The canvas we use is natural, water-resistant and durable. It's made to last and to maintain the timeless look of our goods.
- If! we use leather, it's veg tanned upcycled offcuts we buy from local bag makers.
- Washable craft paper is modern and resistant. Paired up with canvas it gives a blend of a unique and classy look.
- The hardware we went for is classic. It's metal and corrosion resistant.
We also use:
- YKK zips for obvious reasons
- cordura & x-pack, for small badges of our bikepacking collection (coming soon)

Because there's so much waste in the world, things we make are maderesponsibly: ALL our goods are 100% handcrafted in our home workshop.We strive to use our fabrics responsibly so material waste is reduced toan absolute minimum. Good for us, good for you, good for the Planet,actually in reverse order.

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