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Private in black

Private in black

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This saddle bag "PRIVATE" is perfect companion for the classic bike.

100% spartan, saddle bag "Private" with it's one compartment is a perfect tool bag
Tough and water/rot proof 500g cotton canvas and leather are ageing like a good wine.
Old school envelope closure ties up securely and allows to adjust bags volume.
"Private" goes exceptionally well with steel vintage bike...and as a bumbag.
Proved it's functionality on famous Tuscany White Roads ride Eroica.

2cm straps (fixings) are veg tanned and fit most classic bike seats but sprung ones like Brooks B66, Flayer and such are a perfect match.

100% Hand Made in our workshop


500g water resistant canvas
fixing: leather/nylon straps
additional stabilizing strap
(made of thin leather to avoid "digging" when bag serves as a waist bag)
metal hardware & nickel plated brass rivets
military grade bias tape
small inside pocket
handlebar bag/ saddle bag / cross body bag / bum bag
buttons and straps made of


- W: 18 cm / 7,1 in
- H: unrolled 21 cm / 8,3 in
rolled 14 cm / 5,5 in
- D: 6,5 cm / 2,6 in

Care information

Disclaimer: Please note that the color of cotton canvas may change when exposed to sunlight, reflecting its natural characteristics. These changes are not defects, but rather contribute to its unique charm and do not affect water resistance. To preserve the original shade, limit prolonged exposure to the sun.

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