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Nano musette - Black

Nano musette - Black

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This bag is a tiny version of our beloved classic musette, comes in handy when you need just the essentials.
Vital on Hand Luggage Only Flights as under the jacket it's like ninja, INVISIBLE 😉
Perfect for a small cyclist and always needed on a small trips.

This bag has it all:
-secret pocket
-snap button closure
-adjustable strap
-additional leash to hold musette on your back when on the go
-folds and fits in a pocket


secret pocket
snap button closure
adjustable strap
key strap 
additional leash to hold musette on your back when on the go
folds and fits in a jeans pocket


W: 21 cm | 08.2 in
H: 19 cm | 7.5 in
Secret pocket size
W: 21 cm | 08.2 in
H: 14.5 cm | 5.7 in

Care information

Disclaimer: Please note that the color of cotton canvas may change when exposed to sunlight, reflecting its natural characteristics. These changes are not defects, but rather contribute to its unique charm and do not affect water resistance. To preserve the original shade, limit prolonged exposure to the sun.

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