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Slim corporal

Slim corporal

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Made by cyclist for cyclist padded bike packing stem bag.

When, on the seventh day we rested as the Slim C. was done, we liked it and we were glad we quit smoking....cos its shape cries to put a pack in.

These days when in the saddle there are things always to be with you, so here it is another bike bag to help you out.

When in a pack of other bags Slim Corp. gladly gets underneath your saddle or attached to the basket/handlebar or your own belt.

When worn exclusively shines as a toolbag  (carries easily tube, tire levers, patch kit, windbreaker vest) or (sunnies mobile chewing gum snack bar or two)

This pouch is Made of water resistant canvas is padded finished with bright orange lining and bungee cord and a hook closure

Like all other La Jefa's bags, this bag is 100% hand crafted by us 3 in our workshop with care and attention to details :)  


    water resistant canvas
    one hand TOTAL bag opening
    Molle webbing + 2 velcro straps and a bungee
    bias tape
    main compartment
    internal pocket (mobile size)


    W: 10.5 cm | 4.1 in
    H: 14.5 cm | 5.7 in
    D: 4 cm | 1.5 in

    Care information

    Disclaimer: Please note that the color of cotton canvas may change when exposed to sunlight, reflecting its natural characteristics. These changes are not defects, but rather contribute to its unique charm and do not affect water resistance. To preserve the original shade, limit prolonged exposure to the sun.

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